Salary Survey

The Fort Worth Chapter participates in the annual Compensation and Benefits Survey conducted by the Association of Legal Administrators.

The Compensation and Benefits Survey is the most comprehensive report that ALA puts together annually. With data from nearly 1,000 law firms across the country, compensation data is reported for more than 60 different positions in the final reports. With more than 400 pages of information, this report is an essential tool for determining compensation and benefits for your firm’s staff. Using the survey will allow you to learn about the following:

  • Differences in compensation between geographic regions and major metropolitan areas
  • Types of benefits becoming increasingly popular
  • Compensation for associate attorneys as they progress in experience
  • Standard billable hours goals for associates and paralegals And more!

Data is broken down using a variety of metrics including region, state, metro area, years of experience, education, and more.

All member and non-member firms are encouraged to participate.

Please visit the Association of Legal Administrators Compensation and Benefits Survey for more information.